Water and Air Research Articles & Links

Is Your Well Water Safe?

If you have a private well there is no guarantee that your water is safe for drinking, or even bathing. Find out how you can test your well water and what safeguards to take to protect it.

How Safe is Tap Water?

Find out how safe your tap water is, how it can get contaminated, and how to test it. A great article on the tap water we use everyday.

Drinking Water Contaminates

Learn what types of contaminates can get into your water. Where they come from. How to treat them.

Groundwater Contamination

As one of of most important sources of water for irrigation and other uses, it's highly susceptible to contamination. Find out why and how groundwater gets Contaminated and how to treat it.

Rural Area Water Crisis

Water in rural areas is in crisis. And budget cuts threaten it even further. If you live in a rural area, this is an important article. If it's not happening in your area, it could.

Should You Test Your Water?

Although most people have their water tested when there is a noticeable problem, it is important to have it tested even if there isn't one. Water is susceptible to contamination by pollutants that are invisible to the eye, smell, and taste.

Is Our Water Safe?

Know when to have your water tested! One in four Americans have drinking water that is either untested or contaminated. Don't be that one in four! Have your water tested.

Water Pollution

What exactly is water pollution? How bad is the problem? What can we do to keep our drinking water safe from pollutants. And how can we tell when our water is contaminated.

Contamination Side Effects

Find out some of the most common outbreaks in contaminated water, the side effects of drinking contaminated water, and what you can do to safeguard against it.

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